New Website! New Video! Oh My!


Hey Folks! Just a simple post letting you know that the website you’ve already found yourself is, um, up and running! We got tired of the clanky ol’ thang that we were dealing with and so we had our beloved and very talented friend Jared Make this sucka for us. Hopefully it runs smooth for all y’all; there isn’t much to it and we know most of ya prefer to use social media these days anyways but for you old school website folks here ya go! Keep an eye on this for news updates, tour schedule, etc.

2017 is gonna be a busy year for us. We’ve got a stacked summer ahead of us with lots of festivals and new towns and states. Next month we’re heading out to Wyoming, Colorado and Utah for our first time, dipping our toes in a lil further south and seeing what ya think! We also just put out a spiffy new music video, courtesy our old collaborator Chris Balboni and his girlfriend Sarah Boe. Take a look! Spread the word! Keep it Dodgy.


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