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Summer is here! In fact, the month of June is halfway over already but since our schedule on our homepage is having a hard time updating right now we figured we’d just throw this up here to make sure y’all don’t miss us anywhere! We’re busier than ever this year and…(Read More)

Fall Tour!


Hey Everybody! Continuing the shameful trend of not getting many updates up on the ol’ website. Apologize for that. 2017 has been a long wild year for us! We’ve had some great times on the road and played some fantastic festivals with some great bands. In November and December we’ll ┬ábe winding down…(Read More)

Hey Folks! Just a simple post letting you know that the website you’ve already found yourself is, um, up and running! We got tired of the clanky ol’ thang that we were dealing with and so we had our beloved and very talented friend Jared Make this sucka for us. Hopefully it runs smooth…(Read More)